Frequently asked questions regarding apartments/rooms at Salaya International House

How to I ask more questions other than the ones listed below?
You can call 084-1014300 (Thai) or 086-9721750 (Thai and English). You can also click our LIVE Support button shown on each page (top right). We are usually online every night (Thai time). In case, we are not online, you can leave a message using the same button or use the Contact Us page. We will answer all your queries (in English and Thai). We also have a facebook id-Salaya Inter House, can post your messages there and we will get back to you.
Do you offer short term stays?
YES, we do. 3-month, 6-month are also offered in addition to usual 1 year and 2 year contracts.Click on RATES to check out our promotional prices.
What if my room-mate and me have different lengths of stay?
Our daily rates are high. We encourage our tenants to book the room from when the first room-mate checks-in until the last room-mate checks out to avoid hassles. How the roommates share the rent and other costs will not be our responsibility.
What if my actual plan of stay changes?
We understand that most tenants book a room with us based on a tentative plan. Travelling plans etc are later finalized and might effect the planned period of stay with. We allow for longer stays ... However, shorter stays are discouraged ... A maximum of 5 days shortened stay based on the booking is tolerated. Once the contract is signed, shortened stays will result in violation of contract and the deposit will not be returned. Tenants are advised to inform SIH staff by mail immediately once they finalize their travel plans.
Can I stay for a few days and then go travelling?
or go travelling and come back to stay for a few more days? We understand that a lot of our foreign tenants plan to travel in Thailand before starting the term or at the end of the term. We do not offer short-term stays. Once you stay with us even for a single day before you go for your travels, your monthly rent must be paid as now your room is considered occupied by you.
Can I deposit my luggage at SIH and go travelling and start staying at SIH on a later date?
We understand that a lot of our foreign tenants plan to travel in Thailand before starting the term or at the end of the term. We have a luggage store for keeping packed luggage items. It will cost 100 THB a day per item. We do not encouraged this service as we do not take any responsibility for lost or damaged items although the store is locked and secure.
If I wish to share a unit, do you find me a room-mate or I have to find one myself?
We encourage students to find their own room-mates with whom they are comfortable staying with. We do make an effort to place strangers together, when requested, so as to reduce tenants' costs. Pls contact us to put your name down for such cases. However, we do not warranty we will succeed in finding one.
Can I change room or room types during my stay at Salaya International House?
If there is a problem with the room (which is rare), we actually relocate our tenants to another room with no charges. However, if tenants wish to switch room for personal reasons, we allow that too but we charge 500 THB for cleaning the old room. If tenant wishes to upgrade room type (e.g. from single room to deluxe), we allow that also, again with only 500 THB cleaning charges. Downgrading is discouraged and allowed only in extreme cases.
What are the things you provide in a bedroom?
Bed, Mattress, Pillow, 1 set of bedsheet and pillow cover(s).
Air-Conditioner LCD TV (deluxe room and standard suite). Single rooms do not come with a TV. In the VIP Suite, the TV is in the living room.
Closet Working / Dressing table with a stool.
What are the things you provide in the bathroom / toilet?
Hot water shower
Sink for washing face/ brushing teeth
What are the things you provide in the pantry?
Utensil cupboard
What are the necessary things I should bring with me that you do not provide?
Blanket and a spare set of bedsheet / pillow cover(s)
Towels and bathrobe
Electric Fan
Toileteries - Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Tissue papers.... They can be bought at our minimart.
Stationaries - Pen, Paper ... They can be bought at our minimart.
Universal adapter - for your electronics to fit with Thai standard socket.
Cleaning tools (broom,room duster/wiper) - You can buy them at local stores nearby Hangers to hang your clothes in the closet.
Intercom. Tenants must either use mobile phones to contact other rooms or physical go and knock their doors