Frequently asked questions regarding apartments/rooms at Salaya International House

Since the apartment location is approximately 800 m from the University, how do we commute?
To make it convenient for our tenants, we have a VAN service that offers 4-5 trips in the morning (7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30). We stop at MUIC, MU-ICT and MU Music School.The charges are very economical. Motorcycle (taxis) service can be also called, in case of urgency.
Since the apartment location is approximately 300 m from the main market, how do we eat/shop/launder?
There are 3-4 restaurants very close to the apartement, with two of them offer delivery. To make it convenient for our tenants, we also have a small minimart in the complex that includes utilities/drinks/snacks. Laundry services (coin-operated) are available on the complex. There is also a drinking water filling machine (coin-operated).
Who are your main tenants?
Most of our tenants are Mahidol students, both foreigners and Thai. We have 8-10 foreign MU instructors staying with us. A few Thai families also find our place suitable to their long-term plans. The place is very peaceful and we discourage noise-pollution.
Do you allow cooking? Do you allow other installations?
We allow cooking using only electrical appliances... (no gas appliances). We have allowed installations of exhaust fans and sattelite dishes in the past. For any installations, we contact us as we have to treat each on a case-by-case basis.
Do you allow pets?
We are sensitive to your attachment for your pet. However, we shall be treating this as a case-by-case basis. Tiny dogs are usually permitted, as long as no other tenants complain about noise, hygiene etc...
Are prices negotiable?
The prices quoted are already promotional prices and non-negotiable.
Is the security deposit returned to me?
Yes, we will return you the security deposit when you check out after deducting cleaning charges and any damages and you must complete the stay as per the duration mentioned in the signed contract.
Is the booking fee returned to me?
Yes, we will return you the booking fee on signing the contract and the duration of stay on the contract must be equal to or more than specified during the booking of the room.
What are timings of entering/exiting the premises?
Tenants are allowed to enter and exit the premise at any time. However, tenants guest must leave before 11pm and cannot enter the premise before 7am. For guests who are staying with our tenants (for a few days), pls ensure that the SIH management is informed in advance to avoid embarassments
Can we party in the premise?
Group of friends gathering for casual drinks are permitted. However, we discourage over-drinking to avoid noise and fights. The noise level should be kept low after 8pm to avoid disturbing other guests. Parties are not permitted after 9pm (except Friday and Saturday). Parties can continue till 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Do you have any sports facilities?
Our earlier plan to build a swimming pool has not worked out. However, we do have a badminton court outdoor (FREE for our tenants). In addition, we are planning to set up a basketball shooting practice area.
What if something is damaged accidentally during my stay?
Blanket and a spare set of bedsheet / pillow cover(s)
We advise our tenants to take proper care of the premise and its assets.You are expected to pay in full for all damages caused by you. Examples of common loss/damages - broken / severely scratched furniture., dirty walls that will need repainting, physically damaged equipments, lost keys, lost or physically damaged keycards etc... Each case will be based on SIH management discretion on how much to charge and the value is non-negotiable.
How far is it from Salaya to downtown Bangkok?
It is approximately 25-30 kms from MU, Salaya to Bangkok. Cabs will cost 150-200 THB per trip and will take 30-45 mins. There are MU Links available at cheaper costs but they operate at fixed hours and on weekdays only. There are no metro systems around Salaya.
Are there "LADIES ONLY" area?
There are in total 12 buildings. We try to allocate 1 building for LADIES only. We have also allocated 1 building for instructors only. Safety is one of our main concerns