Facilities at Salaya International House apartments

Layout of Rooms
There are variety of layouts for you to choose from. See Layout page. Each unit consists of 1-2 bedrooms, a beautiful bathroom and a pantry section.The upper floor units have a balcony attached to each bedroom, whereas the ground floor units have a separate living room. For pictures of the actual rooms
Furniture in Rooms
All big beds are Queen-size and the small beds are 3.5ft.. The beds are strong and well-designed to suit the decor. Each bedroom comes equipped with a built-in cupboard, built-in working desk and a cute-looking stool. The ground floor units have a sofa set in the living room. In each pantry, there is a cabinet for storing plates and utensils. It also contains a nice coffee table with 2 comfortable modern-style chairs.
Electronics in Room
All rooms are equipped with a 13000 BTU air-conditioner. Each upper floor unit is equipped with a 26 inch LCD TV in the master bedroom. The ground floor unit is equipped with a 32 inch LCD TV in the living room. Each pantry contains a medium-size modern-style refrigerator and a microwave. Each bathroom has a water heater attached to the shower section. Note that a TV is not provided in the single room but can be made available on request.
We are providing a WI-FI connection in all units. The service is being provided by CAT who have ensured us that 3MB bandwidth is available for each unit. We plan to expand the bandwidth to 5MB/per unit in the future. Internet services are FREE. Dedicated routers are provided for long term stays or stays in Standard suites and VIP suites.
Security in the Apartment
Each room is equipped with a lock/key. A keycard system in installed in each building to allow only tenants to enter. There are 24 close-circuit cameras (12 indoor outside rooms, 12 outdoor) set up to ensure that the entire apartment area is secure. In addition, the perimeters are barb-wired to deter intruders from entering. There is a security guard for 12 hours in the night shift. Each floor is also equipped with a fire-extinguisher in case of emergencies. In addition, each floor is attached with a emergency lights in case of power failure.
Landscape and Lighting around the apartment
Around the buildings, there is a nice green look as there is a plan to create gardens around the buildings next to each parking space. There are approximately 80 light bulbs that are automatically activated at night to give a bright look and secure environment. These include garden lights, external building lights and road lights. There are 5 outdoor stone tables/chairs for tenants to meet outside the rooms and have a chit-chat.